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It's Pulse 2: Afterlife Day!

Since it's September 30th in many parts of the world, including mine as of about a half hour ago, I'm opening up a post for links, comments, in-depth analysis (ok, that might be pushing it), etc.

What I've come across so far:

CONTEST ALERTS: is giving away two 'Pulse 2' lobby cards signed by Jamie. Checkout the link for details. Deadline for submissions is October 3rd.

TheHDRoom is giving away a copy of 'Pulse 2'. The contest ends November 1 and you must reside in either the U.S. or Canada.


Dimension Extreme has now posted a commercial for Pulse 2 on their website. I actually saw the commercial run on Spike TV last night during the CSI marathon.


Fangoria has posted a favorable review. The performances of Jamie, Georgina Rylance and Karley Scott Collins are noted as "quite good".

HK and Cult Films Newsenjoyed the film and warns cat lovers about a particular scene.

Beyond Media Online finds it good enough for a rental.

Less favorable reviews can be found at and On the brightside, the criticism is directed at the story and overall quality of the production, rather than the performances of the cast. hated every aspect of the film. The reviewer has obviously never seen Ultimate Force. ;)

And thoughts from Dvdtown, Blogcritics, and Fearnet.

I don't have the film yet, but the reviews note that there are two deleted scenes on the disc, one of which features Jamie. And while he did not contribute to the commentary track for the film, I would assume his name comes up.

If anyone feels like sharing their thoughts about the film, please feel free to do so in comments or link to your LJs. And if anyone has any graphics they'd like to share - hint, hint - let me know and I'll update the links here.
Tags: film: pulse 2

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