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SciFi's Magazine's Sexiest

SciFi Magazine's Feb 2007 issue is already on the newsstands, and it features a list of the Sexiest Men and Women of Science Fiction.

Jamie is ranked #2 behind Taye Diggs. I'd personally list him at #1, but hey, if he has to play second fiddle, at least Taye is one damn fine lead to follow. The picture with the article is this now-familiar shot by Florian Schneider (only bigger!).

Hot properties:
After starring as Archie Kennedy in the TV adaptations of the series of Horatio Hornblower novels cited as the antecedent to Star Trek, beefcake Bamber, who plays Lee Adama on SCI FI's Battlestar Galactica might just be coming into his own as the heir to Kirk in terms of macho intersteller bravado. Yet Bamber's appeal isn't just physical...there's a braininess behind the brawn that makes his portrayal of Lee more than just a SF riff on the post-Top Gun hero pilot.

If the fat suit fits...: Galactica viewers were distraught to see a bloated Lee Adama at the start of season three after Bamber's character let himself go to seed. Fear not...Bamber only wore prosthetics to add bulk. As season three played out, viewers saw the changing of Lee's mental state through the changing of body, an arc that Bamber calls "a bold move" on the part of the Galactica writers.
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