Increasingly Obsolete (holdingwonder) wrote in jamiebambernews,
Increasingly Obsolete

Interview in March Starlog

Today at the bookstore I found an interview of Jamie in Starlog magazine. It's the March issue (#373). It's four pages long. The pictures are all season 4 promo pics or from season 3 or season 4.0 episodes, so nothing new there. It's a nice article with some comments I hadn't read before. He does talk in very general terms about the second half of season 4, so very strict spoiler avoiders should be cautious. He also talks a little bit about what Law and Order is like, how it's different from working on Galactica.

Although the magazine advertises having a website on the back cover, apparently that website is under construction, so I'm sorry I can't provide a link. I can only recommend checking out this interview in the print source.
Tags: interview: battlestar galactica

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