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TV Guide Interview with Jamie

Jamie Bamber Promises Answers on 'Battlestar Galactica'.

Not sure if it counts as a spoiler, but there is a hint as to Lee's climax (his word ;) on the show.

And this I foung interesting: As you look back on the show, can you share one of you favorite memories from set?

Bamber: My favorite memory was actually the very last scene that you've all seen [from last season's finale] — there was a big tracking shot on a beach that was us on a husk of a planet that had been completely scorched and burnt. That was the last day of shooting before the writers' strike took effect and we had no more scripts to shoot. And we were in, what could have been a very dark and bleak place, thinking "That is the end of the show." And, if the strike had gone on for another month or to, I think it might well have been the last frame of Battlestar Galactica shot. So what it actually meant was that every cast member was there on that beach all day long, and there wasn't a great deal to shoot. We sort of hung out and a few bottles of celebratory grain and juice were cracked open and we sort of had a party on the beach. We even all got to — there was a second unit going — and we all got to direct a little frame or sequence of the show. There's a bit of what I shot in there and of bit of what Michael Trucco (Anders) shot ... we all took the camera for a bit and became directors. It was a really fun day, and then we all went out for a meal and got very drunk. And, at the end of it, I got on a plane and took my flight suit with me — I guess what I was doing was holding the show hostage, until we came back. Because, if they wanted my flight suit they had to return to shoot [next season].
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