The First Evil (asta77) wrote in jamiebambernews,
The First Evil

Radio Interview with Jamie and Michael Rymer

Here is the link to the 1/29/07 Harrison on the Edge radio show.. (Scroll about half way down the page.) I found it courtesy of indigo419 who found it courtesy of NoDifferentFlesh at the SciFi Forum. No spoilers beyond this past weeks episode.

Unfortunately, for a 'fan' of the show, Mr Harrison doesn't know much. My favorite slip up was saying Michael Rymer was the creator of the show. Nothing really new in regards to BSG, but I got geeked when Jamie mentioned 'Hornblower' and talked at length about filming Band of Brothers. Oh, and when talking about the freedom the actors have on BSG and how much input they are allowed, he mentioned it's not like that as a guest star on other shows and knows from recent experience. The last thing I heard that he filmed outside of BSG was an ep of The Last Detective, but that was last spring I believe.
Tags: interview: radio/podcast

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