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Los Angeles Times Article on 'Law & Order: UK'

The Los Angeles Times has posted an article about Law & Order being adapted for the British viewing audience. 'Law & Order' and a Stiff Upper Lip. Not much new information, but it's nice to see the U.K. edition getting press in the United States. And there was a bit more information about the possibility of the series running in the U.S.

In the world of TV, there's no end to borrowing, cutting and pasting. If the show proves successful overseas, Wolf hopes the U.K. version can then cross back to America. "I would love 'Law & Order: U.K' to run over here," said Wolf. "I think it would be perfect programming for Saturday night," referring to the period when most networks, including NBC, program reruns or unscripted programs.

NBC Universal executives appear open to the idea. "It's definitely something we're having a conversation about," said Angela Bromstad, who manages NBC's studio and network program development. "It is a really great show."

But Bromstad, who had been running a production unit for the company in London before taking on her current duties last year, also wondered whether American audiences would have trouble grasping the series. "It's very British," she said. "It might do much better on BBC America than for us. Still, the show is completely reinvented, and it beautifully showcases London."
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