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Jamie on Kevin & Bean Morning Show on LA's KROQ

Sorry for not posting a link earlier. I didn't find out about the radio interview until this morning and then I thought I had missed it until it dawned on me that it was PST and I'm in the eastern time zone so I managed to tune in just before Jamie's segment was set to begin. He didn't talk much about the current season of BSG because the guys interviewing him either hadn't seen the show or the one who had just finished Season 2. Anyway, I jotted down a few notes. There were a few funny comments and a couple of times I kind of grimaced. It's obvious he loves the show, but I got the impression that everything surrounding the show may be getting to him a bit.

Once again, there was shock by the interviewers to discover he had a British accent. People really don't know this by now? When asked about whether he had any difficulties doing the American accent he talked about how small words like "to" and r's give him problems. He said "the tongue won't do the things it should" and then realized that didn't sound very good and that "I haven't been in porn that much." Hee.

He was asked how he was able to act while struggling with the accent to which he responded it's why his performance is so wooden and he hasn't won any awards for his performance yet. I swear, he sounded like he was only half kidding.

An old story, but he talked about how he got the role of Apollo. That he was on a two week vacation in LA, was given the script for BSG, was very concerned about being offered a remake of a not well regarded sci-fi show, loved the script, and then signed away the next six years of his life.

There was some confusion as to Apollo's rank and Jamie joked that when he goes into the trailer to get ready there is a lot of ripping off of patches and such and that his rank fluctuates more than the Dow Jones.

So, they didn't know what was going on on the show, didn't know he had an accent, thought he was married to an American (Jamie said "I'd like to let my wife Kerry know I am NOT married to an American" and he doesn't do 'Big Love'), yet they brought up he studied at Cambridge. Go figure. Apparently he was there the same time as Sacha Baron Cohen, but they never met.

Jamie sounded a bit tired during the interview and he admited he and James Callis had been out rather late the night before. James Callis lives in LA now too? Maybe they chould pull an 'X-Files' and move the show there. ;)

He spent the weekend at a Super Bowl party sitting next to Peter O'Toole which he found rather surreal. On his other side was his producer (Ron? David?). When asked about the ratings situation and the show coming back for a fourth season he said he honestly didn't know anything, but when he asked his producer at the party he kind of gave him a wink and a nudge and seemed confidant the show would be renewed. Jamie then went on to say that BSG is the only acclaimed series Sci-Fi has ever had and they'd be kind of dumb to cancel it. And let me just throw in that Farscape may have never gotten the buzz BSG has, but a lot of critics raved about it so I think the cast and crew need to watch the comments about other Sci-FI shows.

When asked how he likes LA since his move there he remarked how he has spent about 25 days of the past month on the highway, but he has a beautiful home in Studio City and seems to be enjoying the weather.

Tricia was on the show last week and said how much she loves the fans and going to conventions to meet them. Jamie commented about how nice Tricia was. This is where I got the impression that fandom may be getting to him. Prior to bringing up Tricia they were doing a promotion involving The Police and the Grammy Awards. When asked about the fans, Jamie made a comment about how Sting has all these young, hot fans and their fans... (he trailed off). I thought he was going for a cliched statement about Sci-Fi fans, but then he mentioned how the fans want to hug you - a lot. Then he commented that Tricia gets hugged by the male fans while he gets hugged by the female fans. This isn't the first time he's brought this up and I have to say from my Con experiences I have seen men be more respectful of the female guests than women of the male guests. My feeling has always been not that the men don't want to grab on tighter, just that they assume they'd get in trouble.

If anyone knows of a place this was uploaded (the station doesn't look to archive interviews on their site), let me know and I'll post a link.
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