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The First Evil

Jamie Bamber at The Jameson Empire Awards

Empire Magazine is live blogging the event. And while there aren't any plans for the show to be telecast at a later date, interview clips will be posted to their website tomorrow morning:

For those of you who don't intend to remain glued to this blog all evening (and why not?!), Sam and Chris are running around the hall making nuisances of themselves and interviewing everyone who's anyone: those videos will be online tomorrow morning.

And Jamie just presented the SciFi/Superhero award to James McAvoy for Wanted. It seems James is quite the BSG fan:

James McAvoy: Oh my god, I got an award from the CAG! Er, not everyone's going to get that.

ETA: Wire Image has begun posting photos. Hopefully, someone will upload the HiRes versions.

ETA2: cassie00 has posted higher quality versions of the photos HERE.

Also, padabee has posted some additional photos of Jamie from The Damned United premiere.
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