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jamiebambernews Interview with Jamie Bamber

'Different Worlds' by John Patterson

The article was written back in April, there is a mention of Jamie turning 36 "last week", but it's a nice biographical article and Jamie recounts his more well known acting experiences. And here is the part of the interview that grabbed my attention:

After maturing on BSG, amid luxury and bottomless coffers, Bamber returned to the constricted budgets and brief running times of British TV with some nervousness.

"I loved Law & Order but it was a sharp wake-up call, seeing again how British TV, against all the odds, manages to compete in the world market on such an uneven playing field. It's not just superficial things like the food; on Law & Order we couldn't even afford 12 jurors. I'm like, 'Christ, it's called Law and Order!'

"At some point," Bamber says of British television, "we have to start spending because we're shooting ourselves in the foot. I could happily live in Richmond for the rest of my life if I knew the work was always coming in, but here [in LA] I get five scripts a week and four of them make me sit up. Over there, unless you're in that top rung - James McAvoy, guys like that - you don't get all the best stuff. Here you can be mediocre and flourish."
Five scripts a week? I like the sound of that.

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