Jay (falconer17) wrote in jamiebambernews,

Jamie @ Japan Expo in Paris

just found this cute picture of jamie at japan expo along with a report in french here:
Japan Expo/ComicCon à Paris - 4 juillet 2009.

click to make him grow

Update 1
on Battlestar Galactica : mini interview exclu et conférence you can find and download* two interviews: one where jamie speaks french and i don't know what he's saying but i love to hear it! :D and the other interview is jamie and kandyse speaking english.
don't know about any spoilers 'cause i couldn't listen to all of it since i'm at work ;)

* right click > save as on (téléchargement) right hand to the player.

Update 2
cassie00 found another link with pictures (all hail the flip-flops!!! ♥) and a french report: Japan Expo 2009 : samedi 4 juillet

Update 3
another lovely pic

click to make them grow

taken from Dossier - Japan Expo 2009

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