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'Law & Order: UK' News
Chris Chibnall is leaving 'Law & Order:UK' as showrunner.

It doesn't sound as his leaving will have a significant affect on the series. Two other points of interest in the article are that there is still no air date for the remaining six episodes of the first series and production resumes on the second series in seven weeks.

And for viewers in Australia, the series debuts Wednesday, August 12th at 9:30 on TEN.


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kirrilee_t From: kirrilee_t Date: July 30th, 2009 01:10 pm (UTC) (Link Me)
Australia is getting it in August I do believe. (I was told by my mother, I didn't actually see the ad to confirm this)

I wish we knew when the other episodes were going to air...
asta77 From: asta77 Date: July 30th, 2009 01:27 pm (UTC) (Link Me)
Thank you for reminding me! I saw a mention of that the other night and, for some reason that escapes me, I wasn't able to post about it at the time. The premiere date is August 12th at 9:30 on TEN. I shall edit the post. :)
jamie_girl5 From: jamie_girl5 Date: July 30th, 2009 02:42 pm (UTC) (Link Me)
we've been told by Jamie that the rest of the episodes of the 1st season will be broadcast in January 2010 and they'll start filming the 2nd season in September
pinkylilie From: pinkylilie Date: July 30th, 2009 06:57 pm (UTC) (Link Me)
I love the fact that Jamie told us directly......about Law and order......;), great memory, huh?
asta77 From: asta77 Date: August 1st, 2009 08:19 pm (UTC) (Link Me)
Thanks for the information. The DVD release was pushed back to January 4th, likely to coincide with the airing of the remaining episodes in the UK.
From: (Anonymous) Date: July 31st, 2009 04:31 pm (UTC) (Link Me)
You probably realised this by now, but they showed a new episode of Law and Order UK last night in Canada.
I thought I'd let you know, in case you missed it.
asta77 From: asta77 Date: August 1st, 2009 08:21 pm (UTC) (Link Me)
Thanks. :) You are one of several people to give me a heads up. It seems a lot of people were taken by surprise.
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