The First Evil (asta77) wrote in jamiebambernews,
The First Evil

First Look: FHM Collections Photo Shoot

We have a sneak peak of one of the images from the October 2009 issue of FHM Collections:

To say I'm looking forward to seeing the other photos from the shoot would be an understatement.

And according to Marketing Magazine:

The new issue of FHM will focus on music, with pop singer Pixie Lott featuring on the front cover. British actors Jamie Bamber and Stephen Graham will feature in a series of fashion shoots.

A four-page House of Fraser advertorial will run in FHM Collections, supported by window displays in 17 of their leading menswear stores.

It's not clear if photos from Jamie's shoot might be used in the window displays, but if any London fans spot anything, be sure to snap a photo for the rest if us. ;) 

ETA: I found that the September issue of FHM hit newsstands on July 30th, so it looks like the October issue could be out  at the end of this month.
Tags: photos: magazine, photos: professional

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