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For awhile I've been meaning to get to some housekeeping here and I decided tonight was the night. :) If you view entries directly at the community you may notice some subtle adjustments. Or you may not notice any changes since they are pretty subtle.

First, I tweaked the community rules. Let me stress there have been no problems here, you've all been wonderful. It's just that when I started the community I had very little idea of what I was doing or what people would end up posting here and now I think we all have a better idea. I did add one rule regarding requesting copyrighted material. Posting links to clips, authorized downloads, or semi-authorized downloads (Helloooo You Tube) is fine, I just don't want to see the community or any poster get in trouble for offering up copies of protected material.

The 'Bamber Bits' box I'm using to inform people of any upcoming TV, movie, or convention appearances - excluding BSG since I think we all know when that is on. ;)

I tagged all of the entries. I know the tag feature has been a great help to me on my own LJ and I figured it could be a benefit here. The tags are fairly general - icons, photos, interviews, etc - if anyone feels they should be more specific, let me know, and I can do some further editing. Also, feel free to tag anything you post, but lets stick to the existing list for now, I just don't want the tag list to get unruly.

Finally, if anyone has any suggestions they would like to make, please do so. Is there something you would love to see or wish would go? Let me know. :)
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