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Jamie Auditioned for HBO's 'Game of Thrones'

Reports have begun trickling in from Starfury's Cylon Attack convention held this past weekend. One very interesting piece of information jumped out at me this morning that I felt needed to be shared immediately. An attendee at the convention, Jackie, spoke with Jamie and posted this interesting bit of news at a A Song of Fire and Ice Forum:

Just back from Cylon Attack (a BSG convention in London). I spoke to Jamie Bamber and while he was talking about work opportunities I'd asked him if he'd heard of the HBO project Game of Thrones (thinking he'd be good in it). He nodded and said he'd actually auditioned for that show already. Surprised I asked him which part. He said "the baddie, you know the one that sleeps with his sister" and then stated he didn't get the part. He was curious how I knew about the project and I had to explain it was a set of books etc.

The role of Jaime Lannister in Game of Thrones ultimately went to Nikolaj Coster-Waldau. As the pilot was being cast, I read posts by several bloggers who commented Jamie could be a good fit for the role. Jackie speculated in her post that Jamie's height may have played against him because the character is supposed to be tall, though I doubt that was the deciding factor.

In Game of Thrones news at, another poster speculates we could yet see Jamie in the series:

That said, we know from remarks from GRRM and from at least one actor that has auditioned that the audition process leads them to keeping in mind actors for future roles. If the series goes forward, we may well see Bamber in a secondary role later on.

While I'm disappointed Jamie did not get the role, I'm also a fan of Nicolaj and can't say I'm displeased with his casting.
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