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Law & Order: UK Series Two Production Notes

The ITV Press Centre has posted a press packet for Series 2 of 'Law & Order: UK'. Actually, the release is for the back half of what would have been Series 1. Nice try ITV! ;) There is a link on the page to download the production notes which includes interviews with all the cast plus synopsis of the upcoming episodes.

You must be thrilled Law & Order is returning to ITV1 for a second series?

“Yes, of course and I’m confident we will get great audiences.”

Series one proved to be very popular with viewers. It averaged 6 million week on week. Are you pleased?

“I’m not great with numbers but you can usually gauge from the enthusiasm of the people who commission the show how well it’s doing. ITV are obviously pleased with its success so I’m very happy. The people I have met who have watched it seem to like it to.

“There is always a little bit of pressure having borrowed the US format and brought it to the UK but with that comes a lot of confidence because we have taken a show that has been tried and tested. People love the American format and are familiar with it and that is very reassuring.”

What is it about Law & Order:UK that the viewers love?

“It’s like a chocolate bar with a great crunch to it.

“It’s got everything. It’s got a beginning, a middle and an end and it takes you on a complete journey every week. It’s also got those familiar characters that take you on that journey. And you get through a lot of drama in just one hour. The audience is given a mental conundrum in the first half and in the second half they get to see what is done with all the evidence to wrap up the case. The second half also includes a moral of how we as a society decide how best to put things right.

“The lesson we get from the show is that the law is far from perfect. It is very black and white, yet what has happened to these people includes shades of grey. I think it engages people and is fascinating.

“If you watch the news you overtly see the fascination we all have with the sometimes awful things we do to each other.”

What do you like about Matt Delvin?

“I like that Matt says what he thinks. He is very outspoken and doesn’t mind speaking the truth. I am quite different to him in that respect.

“Matt’s past is troubled, even though we have never seen it that is what is implied. He doesn’t let those circumstances get a look in on who he is now.

“He is Scrappy Doo to Bradley’s Scooby Doo. He is on the front foot all the time and keen to get involved in the action!”

How has Matt’s relationship with DS Ronnie Brooks evolved in this series?

“Matt relies on Ronnie to some extent but he is his own person and a strong character. I think when Matt thought of a career in the Police Force, he fell in love with the old-fashioned idea of being a policeman and Ronnie lived through that so he looks up to him. However, Ronnie has grown out of his old-fashioned ways; he is more empathetic with the people involved in the case. I think this frustrates Matt but on some level it also fascinates him. Matt likes to tease Ronnie for being soft-hearted. It’s not your traditional relationship of older cop with a younger sidekick. They are both the same rank let’s not forget.

“He also differs from Ronnie in almost every episode in terms of what they think. They have different views on life and crime.”

It must be great being reunited with Bradley again for this series?

“Yes it is. The series was a lot of fun to make and I got to work with some great people. I work closely with Bradley Walsh and I really enjoy his company. He is a true professional and has a good eye for detail.

“Bradley and I are chalk and cheese in some respects but we are very similar in or approach to acting. I am fascinated by his journey as a person and the things he has achieved in the past. I really respect him and he respects me. He is very warm and generous and a great person to spend my days with.”

Some of the storylines you film are harrowing. Do you find it hard to switch off after a long day filming?

“I find it surprisingly easy. There are some stories that are horrendous but the good thing for me as an actor in Law & Order is that is doesn’t focus too much on the personal lives of the main characters. They get on with the job and they do it well as it’s a day to day thing for them. The main characters don’t let the job drag them down and they don’t get overly involved in the story that is unfolding. I think this point is actually something that makes the show interesting.

“Certainly what fascinates me as an actor is playing someone who has to deal with life and death and crime on a daily basis. My character in particular copes with it all quite well. Matt Delvin enjoys the challenge of putting all the pieces of the puzzle together.”

What is your favourite episode from this series?

“My favourite is the last episode called Hound Bound. I like it because it breaks the mould and looks more like Law & Order: The movie. It doesn’t open in the same way as other episodes. A crime is occurring but Ronnie and I are there and that is unusual.”

Why should viewers come back to see another series?

“I think it’s unlike anything else on British TV. The viewer goes on a journey and gets a fulfilled experience in just one hour. It’s jam-packed and it’s got everything you’d hope for in a drama.”
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