The First Evil (asta77) wrote in jamiebambernews,
The First Evil

Interview with TV Guide

Galactica's Jamie Bamber visits a heavenly 'Ghost'

This is actually a nice, long interview with Jamie. The first third of it talks about Ghost Whisperer and the rest talks about Battlestar Galactica. SPOILER WARNING there is some very minor spoilage regarding the last four episodes. One thing I already mentioned in my Con recap, one thing you may deduce from what we have seen already, and then there are the usual hints at a surprising finale. Oh, and the very last question is about Dee and Kara. ;)

Two roles? Cool. :) But I hardly see him turning out to be a loser. And he seems pretty complimentary here about his working experience on CC and GH which I find amusing since he said in a radio interview and at the Con how difficult it was to work on a show and not be able to deviate from the script at all. And I love how he refers to Jennifer Love Hewitt as a TV star. Jamie, what do you think you are? ;)
Tags: interview: battlestar galactica, tv: ghost whisperer

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