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Jamie Bamber to Star in BBC's 'Outcasts'

I just saw the news! Jamie Bamber to star in BBC's major new eight-part SF drama, Outcasts. Here's a rough synopsis:

A group of courageous pioneers face a unique opportunity: the chance to build a new and better future on another planet. A diverse group of individuals, they left their old lives behind in extraordinary circumstances, promised a second chance at life they created a society, far away from their home, friends, family…and their pasts. Settled in the town of Forthaven on Carpathia, they forge ahead with their new lives, but come to realize this is no ordinary planet… is there a bigger purpose at work? Mystery lurks around them and threatens to risk the fragile peace of Forthaven.
Jamie will play, Mitchell Hoban, Head of the Expeditionaries – progressive and ambitious. And I just realized why this sounded so familiar. Eric Mabius (Ugly Betty) was recently cast.

Filming is apparently already underway in South Africa.

And from Digital Spy we knew when to expect the premiere in the U.K.: The series is currently being filmed in South Africa for transmission in the Autumn on BBC One.
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