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Admin Post: Tweaking the Site

zegeekgirl and I were recently having a discussion about comms/forums/websites in general, and jamiebambernews in particular, and what to do to ensure, in lean news times, that the community remain active. Of course, my timing being what it is, just a few days later we get news of Jamie being cast in Outcasts. While we may get a smattering of information here and there, likely there won't be a lot to discuss until the (hopefully) big PR push by the BBC. In the meantime (and beyond if people like what we are doing), zegeekgirl and I have come up with a couple ideas for the comm.

The Character of the Month: This will be a look back at Jamie's work to date. We won't be going in chronological order. The order in which we highlight his performances will be up to our whims or, in the case of the first post this weekend, the TV scheduling gods. We hope that everyone will have some fun with this. As much as we like Jamie, we must be honest and say, from time to time, while his performance may have been good, the material? Not so much. So humor and gentle mocking of the material shall not be frowned upon. ;)

For new fans, this will provide an introduction to work they may have been unaware of. I regularly stumble across people who are surprised to learn he was in Band of Brothers or Dollhouse or even Horatio Hornblower.

Friday Forums: This one is a bit of an experiment. I started jamiebambernews on LJ because, frankly, I wouldn't know how to build a website. But LJ also allows for a sense of community. I could post everything myself, but people find stuff I miss. Or have access to things I don't. I'm tremendously grateful to everyone who has contributed to the community, but I also realize some people don't feel comfortable posting or are unable to because they don't have an LJ account.

Forums are a way to open up discussion. For a variety of reasons, I don't want to create a traditional forum. I want to keep jamiebambernews news oriented and I think people like visiting here just to get the facts and, if we're lucky, pretty pictures. :) But only talking about Jamie doesn't allow people to get to know each other. At the same time, I don't want off topic conversations popping up all over. So I think zegeekgirl and I have come up with a happy medium.

Every Friday (or every other Friday if the idea well starts running dry), one of us will post a topic related to Jamie in some way. Some of the topics will allow, we hope, for people to get to know each other a bit better and perhaps feel even more a part of the community. When I post next Friday, you should have a better idea of what we are thinking, but I don't want to spoil the post. :)

And a few administrative notes...

- jamiebambernews is on Twitter: @JamieBamberNews. I don't post links to every post made on the comm, but do try and make sure I remember to link to all the major news...and pretty pictures. :)

- In the near future, I plan on going back through old entries and cleaning up old links and re-tagging posts. I've been looking at other LJ comms to see what systems their admins have come up with and as soon as I have a plan in place and the mission has been accomplished I shall let you know.

- Just a reminder that for the new weekly and monthly posts the same old posting rules apply and can be found on the profile page. Truthfully, you all have been wonderfully respectful of Jamie and each other. I can count on one hand the number of times I've had to delete a post or comment in over three and a half years. I just want to ensure, in more open discussion threads, we not go too far off topic or cross any lines. This is an open community and anyone on the internet can peak in, so it's always best to refrain from making discussions too personal.

ETA: I forgot to mention earlier, please feel free to leave any ideas, suggestions or feedback in comments before zegeekgirl and I kick off things next week.
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