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Character(s) of the Month: Bryan Curtis in 'Ghost Whisperer'

When I had this idea I did not intend to start with Ghost Whisperer. I wanted to start with something good, but zegeekgirl emailed me to give me the heads up about an upcoming airing of Jamie's episode so plans were changed. You can also thank/blame her for the screencaps. ;) This recap will likely be one of the shorter ones since a) this is my first time doing anything like this, b) it's a guest starring role and c) did I mention it's not very good?

Two Bambers: THE highlight of the episode.

Title: Ghost Whisper: The Walk-In
Original Airdate: February 23, 2007
Future Airdate: Monday, May 17th at 8:00pm est on SyFy
Availability: Season 2 is on DVD.

Synopsis: Melinda Gordon (Jennifer Love Hewitt) sees dead people. And speaks to dead people. And tries to help dead people. Said dead people are wandering around because they have unfinished business with the living and need Melinda’s help so they can run walk towards the light. Bryan Curtis (Jamie) has had a really bad day. He killed himself because, apparently, looking like Jamie Bamber does not guarantee you success in life and he’s had his corpse hijacked by the kid from CougarTown.

Worth Watching? Once, if you have a desire to see everything Jamie has appeared in. Twice, if you are a really big fan. And three times if you had the brilliant idea to do ‘Character of the Month’ posts.

Does he live or die? If you watch enough of Jamie’s work, you begin to notice his character’s have a tendency to die. In a twist, he starts out dead in this.

Jamie wakes up to discover his limited options during Battlestar Galactica’s shooting hiatus

zegeekgirl’s sharp eye caught that, even though Bryan’s body had been processed by the coroner, he’s still wearing his briefs. Given we know Jamie has no problem going commando on set, what we’re they thinking???

I imagine this is the same look he gave his agent after reading the script

At this point in the episode Melinda and Bryan are trying to figure out what is going on. I’m looking at the counter on the DVR and wondering how much longer I have to watch.

Proof hot, talented guys can be made to look like crap.

And can be made to look like a dork.

This is the kid in Bryan’s body. Jamie did some pretty good work playing a dead teenager in another man’s body.
And that body is looking better. It really shouldn’t be. I remind myself the writers will never be receiving the Peabody.

You might be saying to yourself, “She’s not really telling us much about the plot of the episode.” It’s only because I don’t care. OK, fine, it seems that Bryan’s body was stolen by Jason Bennett, a classmate of Bryan’s, who died ten years earlier from Muscular Dystrophy. While Jason had obstacles in life, he lived every day to the fullest. Bryan, the star quarterback, homecoming king and voted most likely to succeed, on the other hand, washed out of college after one semester and spent the next ten years drinking and drifting from job to job.

No, this isn’t Lee Adama in flashback being dumped by the girlfriend we never knew about, but it sure looks like it.
Someone was a ‘Black Market’ fan.

With the ten year reunion only days away, Bryan decides to throw himself in front of a car because his life has been one big disappointment after the glory days of high school. For Friday Night Lights fans, think Tim Riggins if he gave a damn about what anyone thought about him.

This is right after Bryan (who looks like Jamie Bamber) inexplicably gets rejected by a woman in a bar
and right before he decides to end it all.

Jason’s ghost has been following around Bryan since he died. I’ve no idea why, other than Bryan looks like Jamie Bamber so it’s sort of understandable. With Bryan dead - and his face miraculously spared from going into the windshield of a car - Jason decides to borrow him to attend the reunion and kiss the homecoming queen.

Fantasy: Jamie wishing to be driven off the set.
Reality: There is still 15 pages of script left and they’re heading to the reunion.

I’m not sure what’s going on here, but he looks nice and appears to be judging that woman’s hair.

Let us end on a pretty note

Jason and Bryan both attend the reunion. (See photo at top.) It doesn’t go well. I know, you’re as shocked as I was by this turn of events. Even in death, Bryan is prone to say stupid things. In turn, he get's Jason to say stupid things which, in turn, leads Jason/Bryan's body to get thrown into the buffet table by the homecoming queen's fiance who used to be a rival of Bryan's. Did you follow all that? If not, it doesn't really matter.

Jason doesn’t get to kiss the girl, but gets Melinda to pass a note (Which is SO high school. Get it? It’s a high school reunion! Moving on...) to his BFF. He wanted her to know how much she meant to him and encourage her to live her dreams. So, Jason, feeling he did what he had to and Bryan…er, he seemed as goalless in life as he did in death. However, he succeeded in getting his remains back and he and Jason run walk off together into the light.
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