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Friday Forum: Six Degrees (or Less) of Jamie bamber

I know there are quite a few people out there like myself who, once they 'discover' an actor, begin tracking down every other project the person has ever worked on. What people did in the dark days before IMDB, I do not know. As you are catching up on this backlog of performances, you may stumble upon another actor you like, or writer, or director, or even song that played in the final minutes of an episode. So the topic for this inaugural Friday Forum is how did being a fan of Jamie lead you to other discoveries? For example, here are a couple of my discoveries:

For much of my life, I pretty much hated war related movies or TV series. There were a few exceptions, but I mostly flipped by any station that was playing something from that genre. I wasn’t thrilled to learn Jamie had appeared in Band of Brothers. Fortunately, IMDB helped me zero in on the episodes he appeared in - ‘The Breaking Point’ and ‘The Last Patrol’. IMDB also (now) lists him in a third episode, ‘Why We Fight’. If that is true, it must be a literal blink and you miss him moment because it took me a minute to realize he was onscreen in ‘The Breaking Point’. First lesson learned, sleep deprived, dirty, unshaven soldiers all look alike.

In lieu of photos (since I have none for this post), the pivotal scene in 'The Breaking Point'.
Conveniently, it includes most of Jamie's screen time in Band of Brothers.

After getting through the two episodes, I found myself rather interested in what happened to these people, leading me to watch the episodes that followed. Then I went back and watched the series from the beginning. Then I got the boxed set on DVD. It’s really awesome! I’ll go into detail in a future post. ;)

But getting back to why I mention Band of Brothers and tying it to the topic at hand, it led me to discover Damien Lewis, which encouraged me to give Life a try. Another star, Michael Cudlitz, was one selling point to get me to watch Southland. I've never been a huge fan of cop dramas, but the actors and characters make the series and I highly recommend everyone check it out when it returns to TNT later this year. :)

Jamie’s involvement in Law & Order: UK, coupled with my interest in finding out what goes into the making of a series, led me to follow some of the writers on Twitter. @chibnall (who moved on after the first series), @terrycafolla and @EmiliaDG. There are others, but these are the individuals who tweet regularly and find very knowledgeable and entertaining. Emilia would occasionally tweet about her husband, singer, songwriter and producer, @chapman. A few weeks ago, she linked to his new album, or I should say albums, as he has released the album, Mr. Ballad as a trilogy – the same songs interpreted in three different styles. As a fan of acoustic music, it’s the ‘Bare Bones’ version I immediately took a liking too. You can sample (and purchase) his music at The Mr. Ballad website.

There are more discoveries I could talk about, but what about everyone else? Who did you discover thanks to Jamie’s work? Who, or what, would you like to pimp? Think of this as six degrees of separation or, more likely, two or three. :)
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