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Friday Forum: Build Your Own Jamie Project

This week's forum topic: If you could design your ideal project for Jamie - TV series or film, or even a play - what would it be? Basic plot? His character? What genre? Who else would you cast, and who would they play? NO restrictions here, folks, let's not think logically as you might when speculating what kind of roles might actually be available to him - it can be serious, it can be silly, whatever you like. This is your creativity set loose, so aim high and think big. ;)


I've got two ideas: One is a gender-flipped noir caper based mostly around a conversation I once had with a friend about how much we love film noir updates like The Grifters and Into the Night but rarely does anyone follow that process through to the logical conclusion... i.e. completely change it up so the protagonist is a woman and the femme fatale is a man. The big bad can be a woman, too, just for consistency. ;) So mine would basically be (hold on, terrible pitch tactics approaching) a cross between Alias, Leverage and Into the Night, where average Jane crosses paths with gorgeous man-creature on the run from veddy veddy bad peoples who want to SMASH BURN KILL, and just to up the ante it's got continent-hopping, high-stakes level shenanigans. Despite the omnipresence of danger, after helping him out of a jam once, she's kind lured in by the excitement and unpredictability of the life he leads. (And the hawtness.) Sure, that sort of thing usually works only in a 2 hour feature but let's say for the sake of argument I figure out a way to sustain it for series. (Once she's experienced she could fully partner w/ him at some point instead of just tagging along; then it'd be more like Scarecrow & Mrs. King.) So yeah, basically Jamie gets to be a bit Han Solo-ish, charming and crafty and clever and (because he's the eye candy) shirtless somewhat often. XD My protagonist, ideally, would be Felicia Day - because I adore her and she could believably pull off both fish-out-of-water and, when push comes to shove, badass (See: her two Dollhouse appearances. That sealed the deal.) Because I'm sentimental like that, my big bad would be Lena Olin. And gosh, lots of actors I'd love to throw in there; only definite so far, my comic relief (some kind of shifty associate of the male lead; think Moz on White Collar but slightly more acerbic) is Richard Ayoade. As many cool, fast, set piece in exotic locales (*even if they are just LA or Vancouver - it'll look goooooood) as I could shoehorn in. Other than that, it's still cooking... ask me again later...

The other dream show would be what I call "The Big TV Boyfriends Show", which currently has no plot or genre profile to speak of other than it's AWESOME and features all of my TV boyfriends: Jamie, Tahmoh, Michael Vartan, Nathan Fillion, Naveen Andrews, Carlos Bernard, Timothy Olyphant, Michael C. Hall... I'm sure I'll squeeze in one or two more, too. It's like The Magnificent Seven of hawtness. That's about all I've got so far. XD

Let's hear your ideas... or, of course, you could just talk Jamie in any way you want, it's the open thread.  Or post pics. 

*le sigh*


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