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Friday Forum: Love Ya, Jamie, But You're Not Always Easy to Watch

We all enjoy watching Jamie on screen. He's given some great performances and helped to create memorable scenes. But, like all actors, he has moments he'd like to forget.....and some we would like to as well. So, the topic for this week is what are some moments you avoid rewatching and why? Do you think he made the wrong acting choice? Do you feel the director steered him wrong? Is the material to blame?

As much as I love Battlestar Galactica and Lee Adama, the series (and character) had it's share of rough patches. It's been several years, but people are still debating whether or not 'Black Market' is the Worst Episode Ever. While I do feel it's not one of the easier episodes to sit through, there is only one Lee scene that ever made me cringe and it wasn't in 'Black Market'.

Taking a Break From All Your Worries: The Drunk Walk

The third screencap may be my favorite. Even the extra feels she must look away!

I have a lot of issues with the episode, and a few with Lee's characterization in it, but it's not until Lee is wandering Galactica's corridors drunk, bumping into people and crawling around on the ground looking for his wedding ring in utter desperation that I have to cover my eyes or hit fast-forward on the remote. Watching characters I love humiliate themselves is problematic for me. But I also found it hard ro believe Lee would put himself in a position in which those who serve under him would see see him that way. And I also don't think Jamie plays a very convincing drunk.

Another scene I can't bring to watch again is in The Scarlet Pimpernel. I've watched Jamie die on film, a lot. I'm highly amused that, given the high body count in the production, he survived Band of Brothers. Most of his deaths I can (somewhat) easily watch. But his execution in The Scarlet Pimpernel felt like a punch to the gut. As a huge fan of the 1982 version of the story, in which Lord Tony Dewhurst lived, I was shocked when Jamie's Tony was shot in the head. Up until the trigger was pulled I was sure he was going to be saved! Fortunately, the adaptation also made Jamie/Tony's role rather small and I've not been moved since my first viewing to pop the DVD in the player.

So what performances, episodes or scenes do you avoid? And be honest. No one is perfect. ;)

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