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Law & Order: UK Series 3 Premiere!

In the June 7 edition of the TV Guide Canada's "Ask Amber" column, the following question and answer regarding Law & Order: UK appeared:

I saw the season finale of Bones and was shocked at how it ended. Is Bones not returning, and if so, any idea on what they will be doing? Also, I saw your TV summer lineup and was wondering if Law & Order: UK is coming back. We really enjoyed that show last summer and were disappointed when it didn’t catch on as a regular season show. —Gerald

Amber: At this point, I’m not gonna lie — at least SOMEONE saw that thing. Bones is absolutely returning for another season; in fact, Global is moving the show back to Thursdays to simulcast it with Fox in the U.S. (the reason being that CBS is moving Survivor to Wednesdays this fall). As for Law & Order: UK, it will be back on CityTV this fall.

I'm assuming Amber has a contact with CityTV and is referring to the airing of new episodes rather than repeats. I haven't been able to find any information pointing to a definitive air date in the U.K., but I'm willing to speculate ITV will be airing the episodes at the same time or close to it. The back half of Series 1 (or Series 2 depending on how you wish to label it)  did air in Canada before the U.K., but it would be an odd decision, in my opinion, to allow the international market to air any of the new series before it airs at home.

In other Jamie Bamber related TV news, I was perusing Hulu today when I discovered the entire series of 'Ultimate Force' has been added to the site. I believe this is a recent addition and, while my current plan is to recap Jamie's episodes in July, I thought I would give a heads up to those who have not yet had the opportunity to see the series and want to check out what Jamie was doing right before he became Lee 'Apollo' Adama. :)  Jamie appears only in Series 1 and the first two episodes of Series 2.
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