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News Roundup

Taking a cue from the Televisionary's daily briefs, I've decided to do periodic news roundups. All 'breaking' news related to casting, interviews, appearances, etc. will still be posted as soon as no one is looking over my shoulder at work possible. I hope you all continue to do so too! But, occasionally, I run across information that isn't particularly newsworthy or only minimally connected to Jamie, yet I feel people might find interesting so these posts will encompass that stuff. :)

Law & Order: UK

It looks like the Fall debut is becoming more and more a reality. TV Guide Canada's "Ask Amber" was asked to clarify previous comments about the series return to CityTV:

Hi Amber, you’ve stated a couple of times in recent replies that Law & Order: UK is coming back to CityTV in the fall. Just so we're clear, these will be part of the new batch of 13 episodes that recently completed filming, correct? Not repeats of the first 13. (Just asking because ITV in the U.K. has been completely noncommittal about when they’ll begin airing the new episodes, but of course it wouldn’t be a first for Citytv to air new episodes first; they did it with L&O: UK once already!) Thanks! —Julia

Amber: Thanks for noticing the multiple mentions — you’d be surprised how often I get repeat questions, often from the same people! Anyhow, when I was at the Rogers upfront presentation last month, executive vice-president Malcolm Dunlop assured us new episodes of Law & Order: UK would begin this fall. They even had a jazzy little clip. So if they don’t, it’s officially on his head.

There's a clip! I think we all want to see that. And zegeekgirl did a little further recon and discovered CityTV's Fall 2010 TV Schedule:

8-8:30pm - Community (s-NBC)
8:30-9pm - 30 Rock (s-NBC)
9-10pm - Fringe (s-FOX)
10-11pm - Law & Order: UK
And while there has been no official word from ITV on the show being renewed for a third series, it seems to be looking very likely from some information I've seen.

Upcoming TV Appearances

Tomorrow, Tuesday, June 29th, at 3:00pm, TNT is airing Jamie's episode of Cold Case, 'Blood on the Tracks'.

Adding to the speculation that new episodes of Law & Order: UK will be airing on ITV in the fall, Series 1/2 will be repeated on ITV3 beginning this Thursday, July 1, at 9pm.

Battlestar Galactica

TV Squads TV Club is discussing 'Battlestar Galactica' beginning with the mini series and '33'. Two of the club members are watching the series for the first time, which it explains comments such as:

Then what about Apollo? It seems that Jamie Bamber is playing him fairly straight ahead, without much personality. But the anger he displayed when he was yelling at his father, and the grim determination he showed when he had to shoot down that passenger ship leads me to believe there's more to him than meets the eye.

Another Layer to Ghost Rig

zegeekgirl made a fascinating discovery. Noel Fitzpatrick, who played Crawford in the film, is also a veterinary surgeon! And is currently advancing veterinary medicine by helping to develop bionic legs for amputee cats! Seriously, we cannot be making this stuff up. See for yourself: Bionic Feet for Amputee Cat.
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