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Friday Forum: Favorite Fan Photos (And A Memorium)

Hi folks.  For this weeks' forum post we wanted to incorporate a little tribute to a well-known member of the BSG fandom community who is no longer with us: Jim Quon, who went by the handle Scarbuck, who passed away recently and unexpectedly. 

It's always a dreadful loss to lose someone so young, and in this case you have a real testament to the power of fandom that so many who never really knew or met the man were saddened to hear of his passing.  In my own case, I've been a BSG fan since damn near the beginning but never really got involved in any form of fandom (other than gabbing about it with fellow addicts who are also close friends) owing to my other geeky commitments. Until the show ended and the gaping hole it left (Which often manifests in a somewhat Bamberish shape - what are the odds?!) drove me into asta77's arms sobbing.  ;) Still, despite missing out on the cons (except for SDCC '08 - GUH) and the endless comm discussions for so long, I knew exactly who Scarbuck was and I'd admired the terrific photos he'd taken from a variety of BSG events.  Such as:

image © Jim Quon/Scarbuck


image © Jim Quon/Scarbuck


image © Jim Quon/Scarbuck

Yeah, no goofy comments on this one.  Just... *sigh*

It's a lovely testimonial to the power of fandom when you don't even really know a person, but you feel the world's somehow less brighter w/out them in it. :(   RIP, Jim.... plenty others who did get to know you will miss you terribly besides. (The rest of Scarbuck's Flickr stream is here, including lots of awesome pix of The Guild cast & fans, and more.)

Of course, there are lots of great amateur fan photogs out there, many of whom capture moments that the pros don't always necessarily catch.  Lots of those are also on Flickr; I'm a big fan of this one taken by Dan and Nikki, because oh my, it brings the LULZ:

image © "Dan and Nikki"

Isn't that the Vogue-model shooting stance of Tahmoh's that everyone's always making fun of? XD  MINT.

Anyway, please feel free to share other fan photo favorites of yours in the comments.  We do, one and all, enjoy a good pic rec, I'm sure.  (Also, since we gave Scarbuck a well-deserved shout-out, feel free to share your memories of him if you were lucky enough to hang out with him or met him once or twice.)
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