The First Evil (asta77) wrote in jamiebambernews,
The First Evil

Law & Order: UK on DVD Earns a Wider Release has announced the Law & Order: UK Target exclusive DVD set will go wide om October 26th. The suggested retail price will be $39.98, but I'm sure Amazon and others will be selling it at a lower price.

This is continued good news for the series in the series in the U.S. market. I would assume good Target sales helped earn the show a wider release. And earlier this month, The NY Times posted a favorable review of the series. Now, if only BBC America would pick up the show for broadcast.

I also want to direct you back to the previous post regarding photos from the Leuka Mini Masters event. Ryszard Szydło has been updating his gallery of photos from the event and more terrific shots of Jamie have been added.
Tags: event: charity, tv: law and order: uk

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