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Friday Forum: Casting Couch: Jamie Bamber + Your Faves

Hey gang - kind of a loosey-goosey Friday Forum this week for a number of reasons, the foremost of which is my brain is still a little squishy nearly a week later after Comic-Con. (It's truly amazing the havoc that three straight nights of sleep deprivation can wreck. I'm too old for this sh*t! </dannyglover> )

First, a photo... just 'cause (and so Jamie's face is fresh in your mind for this exercise. Not that it's hard to forget. ;) )

(Dear Team L&O:UK - this closeup nearly killed me. You will be getting the doctor's bill. xx)

Now, for whatever rhyme or reason (or none at all other than "I would enjoy the pretty!"), give us three actors or actresses Jamie has not yet worked with, but whom you'd like him to. (And OK, fine... if you have someone in mind he has worked with but whom you're really attached to, you can use them too.

Here are my choices:

Andrew Lincoln: Yes, indeed, the man Jamie lost the lead in The Walking Dead to. (Or at least we think he did - still haven't had it confirmed 100% that Jamie was actually in the running!) I've totally gone from "Oh, the guy in Love Actually... yeah he was a cutie" to "OMFG NEW TV BOYFRIEND!" (Due in no small part to the TWD footage at Comic-Con, which was awesome, and AL being goddamned charming and adorable, including during the 10 minutes when I got to interview him and his co-stars. Yeah, I totally held it together. On the outside. ;) ) Anyway, because they're both fine actors and card-carrying members of the "seriously getting hotter the older they get" club, I'd love to see this. (I think they'd also have an interesting Redford/Newman type of chemistry, both personality and physicality-wise. Yum.)

ETA: I'm editing this to add that I like this Redford/Newman comparison so much I had a brainstorm. Loving the Stephen Moffat modern-day update of Sherlock Holmes that is on the BBC right now, so how about a modern update of Butch Cassidy and The Sundance Kid? Butch (Andy Lincoln) and Sundance (Jamie Bamber) are professional thieves on the run from Interpol. Bickering and bromancing their way across the globe. YES PLZ. Now, who can we get to play Etta?!

Christina Hendricks: Like I said before in a previous FF comment, I don't watch Mad Men, though not for want, wanting to. It's just one of those shows that I started watching and liked well enough, but it fell by the wayside and I do plan to catch up with it some day. However, I've been a huge fan of the woman who was YoSafBridge for a long time, and from what I've seen of her work on MM she continues to rock. Plus... damn, people. That's a woman. </girlcrush> Would love to see her go head-to-head with Jamie. (Note: This one was partially inspired by this fun, cracky LJ post where they re-cast Lost with the opposite gender in every role and had Jamie as Kate and Christina as Sawyer. I had to fan myself for about 20 minutes after the image of them going at it in a polar bear cage popped into my head. LOL... and GUH.)

Victor Garber: There's really not much to say other than I LOVE THIS MAN TO ITTY BITTY BITS AND PIECES. A superlative actor (and singer, dontcha know), and he holds a special place in my heart. Jack Bristow is one of my all-time favorite TV characters and it's with some regularity ever since Alias went off the air that I sigh and remember how much I miss my weekly dose of Spy Daddy. *sigh* See, there I go again. Really, I'd just welcome him back in a regular slot on a great show, but if we can get Jamie in there too... bonus! (Garber does shady but ultimately trusted and lovable mentors very, very well. Let's do that. That'd work for me. Somebody write it RFN!)

Okay, enough of me, what are YOUR three! Post pictures if you want, or not. And as always, if you just want to post pretty pictures of Jamie... now's the time to do it. GO!
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