Martian Hari (zegeekgirl) wrote in jamiebambernews,
Martian Hari

Law & Order: UK Stills - Episode 3.2, "Hounded"

Well, not a lot of Jamie shots this time, and the best one of the bunch is one that we've already seen... but hey, we have an airdate now. Therefore still OMFG EXCITE. ;)

I've posted the remaining shots over at louk_mattdevlin. The Ben Daniels fangirls (and boys!) should be especially pleased this week. ;)

"Hounded", written by Catherine Tregenna, airs September 16th on ITV and September 23rd on CityTV.
All images © ITV Plc/Kudos
Tags: photos: law and order: uk, tv: law and order: uk

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