September 12th, 2006

Asta 2
  • asta77


I finally came through on my threat promise and created a community for Mr Bamber. If you think this means he’ll be less of a focus on my LJ, think again! ;) This is just my attempt to better spread the adoration and love.

Check out the community profile for intent, rules, and as thorough a list of Bamber related links as I could come up with. That page, as well as just about everything else, is a work in progress. If I waited until I felt everything was perfect, we’d be half way into the new season by the time I made this public. Please tell me if you think anything could be improved upon. I created a list of basic rules which seem almost silly since I know all of you who will be joining and know there are no issues. But for those that may join later, best to be safe. If you see that I missed anything important or my wording sucks, let me know. And if I missed linking a great site or comm, I’d love to include it.

I’m also open to ideas. Right now I'm considering a weekly/bi-weekly spotlight showcasing a site, LJ, or community. And I’m wondering if anyone wants to open up episode discussion threads once the new season of BSG starts? Of course, should there be an episode he doesn’t appear in we’d have a problem. :/

Now that I have housekeeping out of the way, go forth and post...and spread the word!