January 17th, 2007


Jamie@GMTV June 18, 2003

Hi, it's my first post here, I'm from Italy and I apologize for my English mistakes. Please, be indulgent and have mercy upon me! ^_^ (and correct my mistakes, I'll be grateful!)

I wish to add a little more about baby Isla's birth. Even if the clip is old and maybe most of you already know it, I think it could be interesting because Jamie participated in GMTV program just a week after his baby girl was born, and he talked a little about this experience.

Jamie@GMTV June 18, 2003.wmv (5.54 MB)

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Jamie at Dragon*Con

It's official! Jamie is scheduled to be at Dragon*Con!. Now, he was scheduled to be there two years ago and he and James Callis had to cancel days before due to filming BSG. If they have a filming break as they did last year it's more likely he will show up and I hazard to guess that's the case since Katee has already commited to appear and Aaron Douglas is thinking about attending.

If anyone else from the Comm plans to attend we can have a group meet up there. :)