March 15th, 2007

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Factory Special Edition Update

I don't mean to spam your Flist, but I want to let you all know where we are at with orders. So far I have 85 which goes without saying is far short of our goal of 1000. There are two and a half days left and I do expect to get many more e-mails, but we better hope we have a lot of Jamie fans who are procrastinators.

I did e-mail Howard about the order status and inquired about shipping to Japan and Australia because I have had questions about that. Unfortunately, he was on his way to catch a plane and I don't think he saw my question. Right now I am assuming that Factory will ship to those countries so if you are thinking about ordering, please let me know. If for some reason they won't ship there, I shall try and see if I can work something out for people.

Once again, thanks to all of you for all your efforts.

ETA: I did ask Howard about the possability of people ordering a regular edition of the magazine and I'm guessing he missed the question because he was in a hurry or perhaps doesn't know the answer himself at this point. As soon as I hear anything I'll let you know. Just keep the orders coming until we've exhausted all options. And if you wouldn't be intersted in a non-Jamie cover issue, mention it in your e-mail. My assumption is you would like a copy for the article and pics regardless of the cover.

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So here's the basic information.

There will be two parts to the project.

1. Donations to Save the Children Can be made through the "gift" section of how to donate. You can check out the charity here.

2. I will be putting together a "packet" (For lack of a better word I don't know what people want to submit) of birthday cards/wishes/misc. other SMALL gifts. These gift will be accepted from today till Friday March 30th.

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