June 27th, 2007

Asta 2
  • asta77

SCiFi's Digital Press Tour - BSG Panel

TV Squad has Part 1 of the Q&A up. Part 2 will be up later today. Jamie, Aaron, Grace, Tahmoh, and Michael Hogan were all present. Aaron was the most chatty, but some really wonderful answers from all of them. And Jamie's vocabulary kills me ever time. :) Spoilers through the Season 3 finale. Jamie started to give something away about Season 4, then commented it was a spoiler and he probably shouldn't be saying anything. He also talked in depth about some of the limitations in playing Lee. And while I always dread it when the cast is asked about being snubbed by the Emmy's it led to someone from SciFi stepping up to talk about how they are aware that there are far more viewers than the ratings lead people to believe.

ETA: Part 2 is now up. And still spoiler free.