September 12th, 2007

Asta 2
  • asta77

Reports on Jamie in Pulse: Afterlife and Pulse: Invasion

Word seems to now be spreading of Jamie's involvement in the films. I do question one detail in these reports - that he's starring in *both* sequels. Since the shoots are six weeks and he's only suppose to be there for three, it would lead me to believe he's only in the first film and perhaps has a cameo in the second.

The best recap in regards to his casting is courtesy of Moviehole, Apollo Has a Pulse. Interesting that the director, Joel Soisson, had no idea who Jamie was before casting him. gives their thoughts and chooses to post a picture of Kristen Bell. :/ seems enthused about the projects.

Oh, here are some amusing reports. Dreadcentral thanking Moviehole for finding out who is starring in the films for us. Really? WE knew a week ago. ;) And Fangoria reporting the films will shoot soon (try NOW guys) probably in either Romania or Eastern Europe (try Shreveport). Wow. Score one for us over the more mainstream media.

One thing that could stink about all this is reports I'm seeing that the films may not be scheduled to be released until 2009. How long could post production really take? I'm hoping for more a Spring/Summer 2008 release.