October 5th, 2007

Asta 2

Jamie at FEDCON in Germany

Thanks to greycoupon for a heads up on this. :) Jamie is scheduled to appear at FEDCON in Germany April 18th - 20th. BSG wraps in March so there won't be a conflict with filming that and I'm guessing he's combining this with a trip to visit family back in England. So, unless another TV role or film comes his way I think chances are good he'll be there. If anyone has any information about FEDCON, please share.
Asta 2

'Razor' Promo Pics

drewcypher has posted promo pics from Razor to galactica_pix. Since the community is one requiring membership, Drew has kindly given permission to repost the pics as long as credit is given to the community and photographer, Carole Segal. There are three promo pics of Lee/Jamie. If you have a general idea of the storyline for Razor I'd say these are not spoilery. If you know nothing about the movie then you may wish to skip.

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