November 19th, 2007


Con News

Here's a link to my news dump from Burbank. (It actually includes a combination of news from both BSG and Stargate.) Some minor spoilers are included at the very bottom. I'll try to write up a more detailed report on the non-newsy parts (which makes up most of it) over the next few days.
News Dump

And I do have just a couple of pics to share at this point, with many more to follow as I sort through them.
Just 2 pics for now
Asta 2
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Let the Con Report Linking Begin!

I know they'll be more complete reports in the days to come. Apparently, many con goers got fogged in in Burbank. :( But to get things started, at The Jamie Appreciation thread over at the SciFi Forum, some awesome photos have been posted. They begin here and another batch begins here. Thanks to Scarbuck and 50Cubits!

And there is another interview with Jamie that appears unrelated to the conference call of a few weeks ago. Boston Now has a short, but very good Q&A with Jamie. Jamie provides some great insight on the Lee/Kara relationship and discusses the possibility of doing science fiction again in the future. Love how he's seen as an asset to producers/studios doing a sci-fi project. :) In the final paragraph there is a spoiler for Season 4, though not of the jaw-dropping variety.
Jamie - adorable - shmarollynn
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Jamie and Family at the Premiere of 'Enchanted'

Jamie's working the suit again and Kerry and the girls look adorable. :)

Getty Image Link They have Jamie listed under Michael Trucco. :/

And a kind soul over at SciFi's Jamie Bamber Forum posted larger versions plus one from another source.

Strangely, no pics of Jamie at Wire Image. It looks like they focused on the Patrick Dempsey's GA castmates and the rest of the ABC lineup.