March 19th, 2008

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Screencap of the Cast on David Letterman

Thanks to those on battlestar_blog for the heads up. Ain't It Cool News has posted a screencap of the cast on the Late Show with David Letterman airing TONIGHT. I love how they dressed exactly as they would on the show. :)

There is also a link to a Hollywood reporter article about the upfronts as well as a few highlights form that article. Nothing spoilery though.

ETA: I was just reading TV Squad's recap of the SciFi Upfronts HERE. Nothing spoilery. And in another strange move by SciFi the season premiere will be streaming on their website staring at Noon on April 4th. When I clicked on the Photo Gallery and found a really nice close up of Jamie.
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New Article on BSG Season 4... SPOILER ALERT! has written a very positive article on why BSG is the best political drama on TV. Along with the article is a preview clip that IS SPOILERISH so don't click on it unless you want to be spoiled! (Thanks to SyllverViper on the Sci Fi Forums for giving me the link).

The article and clip can be found here. also has some snaps from the Sci Fi Upfront. in which Jamie is described as "hottie McHotsky Bamber"... accurate if you ask me!
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SciFi Upfronts on TV Guide Channels Hollywood 411

I noticed the TV Guide microphone in one of the Wired photos and decided to turn over to Hollywood 411 airing, right now, and the BSG cast is going to be featured. The show repeats at Midnight EST and 1:00pm tomorrow. I'll post the exact time they appear as soon as they appear.

ETA: The BSG segment appears 28 minutes in and lasts two minutes. Mary, EJO, Katee and Jamie all have sound bites. Mary has a brilliant idea for the Caprica spin-off - she should play her own mother. :) But my favorite bit, of course, was Jamie closing out the segment. Looking directly into the camera and pointing his finger at it/us, he states, in mock seriousness, "Make sure you watch 'Battlestar Galactica', the final season. Cause I'm watching you, watching me."