May 4th, 2008

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Jamie Bamber to star in 'Mineville'

Thanks to sarmoti for the heads up. :) According to Mineville's official website the film is to shoot during the autumn/winter in the Adirondack Mountains, New York. A synopsis of the film from the site:

"MINEVILLE; the untold true story of Irish immigrant workers who mined the Iron Ore that was used to build the then new city of Manhattan in 1910. This is a personal and politically driven story about two boys, from opposite ends of society, struggling against their own demons to break free of their upbringing, As a glimmer of hope appears on the horizon in the form of a wealthy, so-called Union Leader, their dreams are shattered as they watch him take control of their town and ultimately their destiny's."

The imbd information is a little thin right now.

DVD with Jamie and other BSG panels and ints from German FedCon

In April, Jamie, Leah, Nicki, Michelle and Mary were among the 18 star guests at Europe's biggest annual Trek/genre convention, FedCon XVII - The Lost World. Attended by 5000 geeks from 22 countries, it was probably the biggest BSG party the non-US world has ever seen.

This year, next to a regular con DVD, the guys at Intex Digital Sound plan to release a special 2-DVD set featuring more than five hours of BSG panels/interviews. But we need at least 150 fans to make it happen! Read all you need to know here on Skiffy.

--stimkat/Pedda (and thanks to starbuck92 for telling me about this comm)