May 26th, 2008

Asta 2
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A Whole Lot of Links

I've collected a bunch of links I've been meaning to post. Instead of spamming you all with a series of posts, I figured I'd lump them all into one. :)

brokenmnemonic was fortunate enough to attended the Serenity Complete convention. His LJ is, mostly, Friends Only, but he kindly gave me permission to copy and paste his recap of Jamie's panel here. Collapse )

A few write ups for the Emerald City Comic Con:

quirkybird's recap can be found here.

nodazzle's thoughts are here.

sara_eliza has posted a few photos here.

And has Stupid Questions at the Emerald City Comic Con. Jamie's responses are at the end of each list.

hobbitofkobol posted a huge batch of 'To Do' icons and there were several Lee Adama icons I thought you all might like. ;)

Over at battlestar_blog, pancake_susi has posted that the Fed Con DVD's are a go! If you expressed your interest in ordering a copy, expect an email sometime this week.

And, finally, it also looks like Mineville is a go in...Mineville, New York. Pre-production is expected to begin in July with September 22nd still the start date.