July 21st, 2008

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Jamie's new gig

Jamie Bamber to Star in Law & Order: UK

According to Jamie, "I'm doing a series in England called Law & Order: UK, and I'm being a cop. And, yes, the show is London judiciary and London cops. It's got the same premise as the original American Law & Order, same everything, just with a UK production company and UK actors. My partner's going to be to be a British guy named Bradley Walsh."

The series, which begins production this August in London, will air first on ITV in the United Kingdom.
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A Little More Information and Jamie's "Law & Order" Gig

What Jamie shared with Kristin at E Online is pretty much all there is to know at this point. I did touch base with Jamie's publicist and learned two things. The series is to begin production in August and last for six months. And while Jamie said he'd be starring in Law & Order: UK his publicist heard it was Law & Order: London, but said it was probably still up in the air at the moment.
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Battlestar Galactica Season 4.5 Webisodes

From SciFi Wire:

Battlestar Galactica Season 4.5 Webisodes. With the fourth and final season of SCI FI's award-winning series coming to a close, fans can view Galactica Webisodes as they return in the weeks leading up to the final 10 episodes of the show. SCIFI.COM and Universal Cable Production will produce 10 two- and three-minute serialized Webisode chapters, which will complement and enhance the series.

ETA: Maureen Ryan from the Chicago Tribune posted an interview with Ron Moore. The full interview with Ron, which covers BSG and Caprica, can be found here. Maureen put what she thought might be a spoiler at the end of the interview, but I don't feel it's a spoiler, just Ron's way of phrasing something.

Two Jamie related bits of information:

Contradicting the SciFi Wire announcement...

MR: Indeed. As far as Webisodes, are they still happening?

RDM: Yes, they haven’t shot them yet, they haven’t made the announcement yet. They haven’t locked down the cast. [laughs] I’m not sure what they do in business affairs, but they haven’t locked down all these contracts yet. But yeah, there’s an intention to do them, 10 of them.

MR: Who wrote them?

RDM: Jane, I believe, wrote them. [Mo here: Jane Espenson co-wrote them with "Battlestar" writer Seamus Kevin Fahey. An fyi to readers: I am going to do more checking on the Webisodes. I am going to ask Sci Fi executives if they still intend to make the them and I’ll also ask when the Webisodes would debut.]

I had assumed the webisodes had been filmed concurrently with production on the final episodes of Season 4. If not, with the cast moving on to new projects, I'm not sure if/when/how these will get made.

And this on the final day of shooting...

MR: Was it emotional to wrap the show for good? Were you on set that day?

RDM: I was on set. It was emotional. It was strange because the finale is so big, truth to tell we still have some pickup scenes still to go back [and film] and second-unit and all this kind of straggling stuff to do. Even as we were shooting on the last day, we shot until 3:30 a.m., we would wrap an actor, you know, “Jamie Bamber, wrapped on the series,” everyone would come to a stop, people come in, there’s hugs and kisses and tears and goodbye. And then Jamie’s like, “I’ve got to go do second-unit now.” And he goes across to the other soundstage. And that kept happening. It was ending but not really ending.

There was a sense at the end of it, when we really wrapped, called “wrap” on the series, we had champagne, and then I went out to the camera truck. [Director of photography] Steve McNutt and [cast members] Tahmoh [Penikett] and Grace [Park], there was Scotch on the camera truck and we watched the sun come up. And we knew it was the end. Even though we have the movie and Webisodes and scenes [to pick up] and stuff, we all knew that the series life that we knew was over. That particular group of people who made the series will never be together again. People will scatter to the four winds. That family, that group of people, is gone. The life that we knew of a continuing series, that is now over. There was a real sense of finality on that score.

ETA2: I just found out that while Jamie was hoping to return to direct some of the webisodes should they come to fruition, as of last night, it seems questionable.
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We're Going With 'Law & Order: London'

Kristin at E Online has posted the video of her interview with Jamie. Jamie refers to the series as Law & Order: London, so I'm using that until I hear otherwise, and has high hopes for the show as Law & Order reruns in the UK are hugely popular.

He also talks about filming the final episodes of Battelstar Galactica and makes a few references that may count as small spoilers.