August 7th, 2008

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Jamie to attend Galactica Four on Sunday

Jamie will attend the Galactica Four convention, held this weekend in the Thistle Hotel in London-Heathrow. Sunday appearance only, though.

He and recently announced Callum Keith Rennie will replace Aaron Douglas and Michael Trucco whose shooting schedules barred them from attending. Next to Callum, Jamie will join previously announced guests Luciana Carro and Rick Worthy.

Sunday tickets are 45 pounds (57 euros / 85 dollars). Anybody going? I'll be wearing a "Pedda. Have you seen my Head Kat? Caprica City" shirt.

A further photo of Genaro Molina, LA Times

Ok,  here is further photo of this series by photographer Genaro Molina, Los Angeles Times. This is from March, 30 of this year. Unfortunately I couldn't link the photo in my comment, therefore I'll now post it. Perhaps is it already known.

I had taken it only recently for one of my wallpapers and calendars. Here still is the article from March to it. I have scanned it.  part one - part two
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[Update] The FedCon DVD has landed

Update: Regardingn non-Jamie stuff on the DVDs, the interviews with Mary and Michelle had to be removed, unfortunately. Their manager requested it.

Today the first batch of FedCon DVDs were delivered to attendees and other fans, mostly from Germany. Included are Jamie's solo panel, his joint panel with Mary McDonnell, and a short interview.

The DVDs can still be ordered here