August 12th, 2008

Asta 2
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Jamie Bamber at G4

Because G4 is a relatively small convention and Jamie was a very late addition to the schedule it doesn't seem we'll be getting a lot of con reports. However, we do have two, thus far.

buckbeakbabie has posted her Jamie recap. I shall reserve comment on the sweater he was wearing. ;)

And esmerelda_t has posted her report covering the entire weekend with some great highlights of Jamie's Q&A. At last, we get a tiny bit more information on his role in Law & Order: London:

[Jamie] said he and the family were back in the UK till next year while he films Law and Order: London and that the scripts look good...we were sure he’d be the young Oxbridge guy partnering the salt of the earth older guy (cause, you know, it’s British TV) [Jamie] said his character was from an Irish immigrant working class background.

Thanks to Ava who found these links:

janinelearner has a collection of photos from the con.

the4ts shares a couple of photos and some nice thoughts about Jamie.

And jhava has a great recap of his Q&A. As I suspected, Jamie seems to have a lot on his plate for the next couple of weeks and it makes sense he had to cancel his US con appearances.