January 15th, 2009

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Sci Fi Wire Interview with Jamie

Jamie Bamber Looks at the Beginning of the End of 'Battlestar Galactica'. Nice analysis of Lee Adama's journey. No spoilers.

And not that anyone really needs the reminder, but Battlestar Galactica premieres tomorrow at 10:00pm on Sci Fi and also at 10:00pm on Canada's Space. Be aware if you are setting your DVRs that the episode will be running three and a half minutes longer than usual.
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A Conversation With Jamie Bamber

This time, it's The Star-Telegram that has an interview with Jamie. No spoilers and, again, some interesting insights into Lee Adama as well as himself.

What are the things that you like most about your character? Also, is there much of Lee in Jamie and of Jamie in Lee? Or is it more a case of, when you play that character, it’s like putting on a Lee Adama suit?

“There are similarities. We both have principles and I like to think that we stick to those principles, no matter how tough the situation is. But Lee has a hell of a lot more guts and a hell of a lot more commitment and he’s a better decision-maker. I always could see the opposite of every argument and I can’t make decisions. Things seem to get thrust upon me, rather than me creating destinies for myself. Whereas Lee is an extraordinary character who, no matter how impossible a situation is, has a linear tunnel vision that allows him to focus and to get through it. He’s a reliable character in the worst situation. That’s something I would like to think I could be, but I’m not sure that’s who I really am.”