February 24th, 2009

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Law & order: UK - The Reviews

The reviews are starting to come in:


TV Scoop

Theirry Attard's Double Feature


The Times

The reviews seem to be mixed. I'm not surprised. The series is trying to balance a fine line of keeping true to it's predecessor while also trying to be British. And if I recall correctly, the original Law & Order was not the best reviewed series the season it debuted.

I'll try to update this post as the day progresses. If you find any additional reviews, please leave a comment and I'll add your link.
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Ratings for Law & Order: UK

The ratings for last night's first episode of L&O:UK are in and it's good news as, according to The Guardian, the show won it's 9pm slot with 6.4million viewers and a 26% share


As with all new shows, the true test is keeping those viewers next week and in future...

ETA: This link has more information.

The show started with 6.9m and tailed off to 6.1 by the end (people seemed to switch over to see the end of the last episode of WDYTYA on BBC1) and another article has mentioned that this figure is less than the 7.5m who tuned in last week to see the end of Whitechapel, but then that's comparing the final episode of a three-part drama to the start of a new show so not sure how useful it is to compare them... Anyway I'm still happy with the numbers.