June 3rd, 2009


Picture of Jamie by Laurent Koffel

last week i found a stunning picture of jamie by Laurent Koffel on laurent's flickr photostream:

on flickr: laurent's photostream
laurent's official website: laurentkoffel.com

i contacted laurent to learn more about the picture and he could tell me that the picture was taken for an article in french magazine "Séries TV" and that it was okay to post the picture on jamiebambernews.

whether the article was already published and when the picture was taken i asked him in my follow up email.
i will update as soon as i know more, so you might want to track this entry.

note: jamie's wearing the white belt! ;)
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Law & Order: UK Photo Gallery

Universal-playback.com has created a Law & Order: UK site. I don't know of this is a recent addition to their mainb site or has been around since the series debuted. When I clicked on the Jamie Bamber-DS Matt Devlin link, I saw a promotional photo I had not seen before. And the photo gallery contains many photos I hadn't seen before. Quite a few of the photos are similar, but it's interesting to see that if there was a choice between a smile and a serious expression, the serious expression won out for publicity purposes.