July 2nd, 2009

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More Jamie Bamber Photos and a Convention Reminder

Last month, falconer17 discovered a photo of Jamie taken by Laurent Koffel for the French publication, Series TV. Perusing Laurent's Flickr account yesterday, I came across another photo from the same photo shoot:

Website: Laurentkoffel.com
Flickr Stream: Laurent Koffel

And thanks to the ever helpful zegeekgirl, here are some additional (and lovely) close ups from Jamie's recent HMV signing:

Collapse )

Finally, a reminder to all of Jamie's fans in France. Comic Con begins today, in Paris. Jamie and Kandyse McClure are scheduled to appear at a panel on Saturday, July 4th and will be doing signing sessions each day of the con which runs from the 2nd through the 5th.
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Horatio Hornblower Collector's Edition DVD Sale

Deepdiscount.com is having a 60% off sale on A&E Home Video titles. Included in the sale is the Horatio Hornblower - Collector's Edition. The box set includes all eight of the Hornblower films and at a price of $23.98 with free shipping, within the U.S., it's the best deal I've seen excluding sales of used DVDs. The sale ends July 9th. I'm passing the information along in case some of you reading don't already own the films, at least five of them. ;)