July 21st, 2009

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Continuing on the Jamie Bamber Golf Theme

Jamie has participated in yet another charity golf event. On July 17, he participated in the The Leuka Mini Masters Dougray Scott Charity Golf Day which tool place at Meadow Gold Course in Chiswick, England. Contact Music has posted a few photos of Jamie. For once, the white shoes are acceptable. ;)

ETA: zegeekgirl has added an action shot in comments. :)
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Retro SDCC: Photos from Last Year's BSG Panel

I'm off to Comic-Con tomorrow, which of course JB won't be attending this year. (Papadama will, though. OMFG SO EXCITED. ;) ) And I'm going to the Big Irish Bear's HOB show on Friday. Hee.

Anyway, I figured I'd commemorate the occasion of last year's epic panel with some photos I took that have been on my Flickr for ages, but I'm too lazy to tag so I haven't seen them turn up on other people's pages/comms, etc. And now that my BSG fangirling has gone supernova since the show ended, seemed as good a time as any to share.

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ETA: If anyone wants to borrow some of the pics, you're welcome to, just please credit me and link back to the Flickr page? K-THX. ;)