July 27th, 2009

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It's Official! Jamie Bamber will be Guest Starring on 'Dollhouse'!

This afternoon, I emailed Jamie's publicist regarding rumors that began at Comic Con on Friday that Jamie would be appearing in the season premiere of Dollhouse. He had heard nothing about Jamie's involvement and said I should consider it a rumor at this point. I just received this follow up:

"No sooner had I responded than Jamie called to let me know that the Dollhouse rumor is indeed true and he’ll resume production on the episode this week."

Jamie back on U.S. television! Woo!
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More on 'Dollhouse'

"Vows", the second season premiere of Dollhouse, written and directed by Joss Whedon will air on Fox Friday, September 25th.

Michael Ausiello at 'Entertainment Weekly', Kristen at E! Online and Korbi Gosh at Zap2It have received confirmation from FOX and have a bit of information as to Jamie's role. Zap2It provides the most detail:

"BSG"'s Jamie Bamber will guest star in the season premiere of "Dollhouse" and his character will not only share scenes with Eliza Dushku's Echo, but with fellow "BSG" alum Tahmoh Penikett (Paul Ballard) as well.

Per FOX, Bamber's role has him heavily involved in an engagement that Echo and Ballard are assigned to.

zegeekgirl found casting calls on Whedoneseque.com:

[MARTIN KLAR] Male, 40's. He is a charismatic European Financier.
Please Submit All Ethnicities. GUEST STAR

[HUGO TAUBMAN] Male 30's to 40's. He is KLAR'S closest Associate and
Bodyguard. Please Submit All Ethnicities. GUEST STAR

[BURT STYNE] Male, 30's. POWELL'S aide. Please Submit All Ethnicities.Co-Star/ Possible Guest Star.

Burt would seem the most likely fit for Jamie, unless a casting call was not put out for his role because Joss already knew who he wanted. ;)
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Jamie's Liner Notes on BSG S4 Soundtrack

The CD is out tomorrow, but I nabbed a copy at Bear's concert last Friday night in San Diego.  Virtually the entire cast and crew contributed liner notes, but JB's is far and away the best.  And I'm not being biased, my friend who is a Callis lover agreed. ;) ...

I watched the finale of "Battlestar" at the Television Academy surrounded by cast, crew, friends and family.  Bear was sitting right behind me.  When the credits rolled at the end I was desperately trying to bury my streaming face into my wife's arm to avoid unmanly embarrassment.  As soon as I pulled myself together I span round and grabbed Bear's hand.  His name got the biggest cheer in the credits. He is the 13th cylon.  He is out of this world. When most series rely on a collage of recent popular hits, Bear created his own musical mythology to match that of Ron Moore's characters. Taiko drums, uilleann pipes, ancient mantras, metallic shards of noise that largely avoid conventional melody with the occasional Dylan lyric.  Epic. Unique and completely original.  A foreign sound that hits right home. An Emmy in waiting... I still run to this stuff on my iPod, it is my "Eye of the Tiger" - as soon as it comes on I am Apollo again.  And I fly Vipers and win.

You 200% win, Jamie.