September 15th, 2009

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'Law & Order: UK' and 'Battlestar Galactica' Links

Law & Order: UK

cassie00 posted more Hi Res episodic stills from the first series.

Battlestar Galactica

Universal Playback is giving away ten Battlestar Galactica complete box sets signed by Jamie. Or, specifically, the two booklets included in the box set are signed by Jamie. Deadline for entry into the drawing is September 30th and is open only to residents of the UK and Ireland.

padabee posted a scan, provided to her by Lorna, of an interview with Jamie that appears in the October/November 2009 issue of DeathRay magazine. Jamie talks, philosophically, about the Battlestar finale, the series lasting relevance, and the parallels between Colonial civilization's fall and our own crisis brought on, in part, by technology.

If 'Battlestar Galactica' is about anything, it is about the search for meaning in life. In the show we pare the whole of a complex civilization to a bunch of people rattling around inside a small spacecraft, and they are faced with the reality that we are born astride a grave and are left trying to figure out what's the point to it all? It's a realistic message, where you realize that the trappings of life, if looked at closely, are kind of cold - but we nevertheless infuse life with warmth, just because that's what we have to do. That's really what the show was all about, the beauty of human nobility in the starkest of realities.

And while Jamie may not have been at DragonCon, Collapse )