September 20th, 2009


Still More L&O: UK Stills - Hi-Res

Still rather a bit hotter than should be permissible by international law:

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ETA: FYI, eagle-eyes, Rex has a ton of variations on the main set
of Series 1 publicity stills; if anyone can rustle up a better
res version of this, you will win the interwebs:

Bradley w/ his glasses askew. Jamie cracking up. NEED.
Photos still © NBC Universal; still Google-gacked from here; still x-posted at louk_mattdevlin

And there are still more, which I'll boot over momentarily.


Last Batch of L&O: UK Stills - Hi-Res (for now)

Probably my least favorite batch, but I saved these for last to double-check my suspicion that these are from an episode that has not aired on ITV yet (and, consequently, most reading this comm haven't seen.)  That does appear to be the case, so here is your requisite SPOILER warning.

This one isn't very spoilery, so let's lead with it.  DETERMINED!DEVLIN IS DETERMINED:

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We give thanks for the gacking; x-posted at louk_mattdevlin , again.
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Access Hollywood Interview with Jamie Bamber

Last month, when I posted Access Hollywood's interview with Joss Whedon, I lamented that the interviewer mentioned speaking to Jamie, but no interview with Jamie had been posted to their site. I had hoped that the interview was recorded and they were just holding it to post closer to the Dollhouse season premiere. Turns out I was correct in my speculation. :)

Jamie discusses his role in 'Vows', which is spoilery if you have not seen any of the promotional photos or commercial for the episode, how Joss called him personally about taking on the role, and his friendship with Tahmoh...and never forgiving him for being a Cylon lover. ;) Additionally, Eliza Dushku talks about working with Jamie and Joss Whedon discusses how Jamie came to be cast.

Dish Of Salt: Jamie Bamber Takes The ‘Dollhouse’ Plunge

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