October 14th, 2009

Jamie 2

Jamie Bamber at Vogue Bvlgari 125th Anniversary Party

Jamie attended the Bulgari 125th Anniversary Party with Vogue in honour of Save The Children/Rewrite The Future at Saatchi Gallery on October 13, 2009 in London.

For more informations about the event check out the website of Vogue.co.uk and see who celebrated Bulgari's 125th Birthday with Vogue. Click here for all the photos.

Here's a first photo of Jamie. He was wearing his black leather jacket again.
Hmm, but brown shoes? ;-)

                                               Click to enlarge!

We also have the first glimpse at our Matt Devlin. Since about four weeks Jamie is filming the new L&O:UK season again. It seems our Mattie has longer hair in this series.